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Insurance is a Necessary Evil... Only By Definition!

Insurance is a necessary evil. Sound enticing?

By definition, insurance is taking a small financial loss now so in the future you won’t potentially have to take a larger financial loss. So by its very definition, when you pay your insurance premium, you are taking a financial loss! Have I sold you yet?

To make matters worse, insurance agents have become notorious for being slimy, slow, and out of date.

For better or for worse (I’ll work to convince you for better!), your clients must purchase a homeowner’s insurance policy. It is your job, as the “transaction quarterback,” to ensure your client has a positive experience from start to finish, homeowner’s insurance included.

The obvious question then arises: How can I make getting an insurance policy a positive part of my client’s home buying experience?

When constructed, sold, and understood properly, a homeowner’s insurance policy will bring peace of mind to its buyer, your client. And that’s what you’re trying to provide. Peace of mind!

To make homeowner’s insurance an asset to your customer experience, you must guarantee two things:

1 – Homeowner’s insurance is checked off your client’s list in under one day.

2 – The policy is constructed and understood properly.

If your client has one without the other, they will leave frustrated and confused. But when speed and professionalism collide, homeowner’s insurance will feel like a refreshing drink of water.

A necessary evil? Only by definition.

Written by Zach Santmier

Co-Owner @ Trumble Insurance Agency

Zach is the Co-Owner and manager at Trumble and focuses on positioning Trumble as the best choice for home and auto insurance. Zach is the author of Quarterback The Sale: Lead the Play from Snap to Touchdown. His book focuses on the importance of providing a high level of leadership in the sales process so that clients are left surprised and delighted by the ease of doing business with a true sales quarterback.

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